I am a Psychic medium – which means I see people in spirit and I can also feel the living and see the future on some things.

I was born in the Late 60’s and started to show that I had ability around the age of 3 years old. I grew up in a middle class home that had no previous experience of theirs but I started to read and answer my mothers thoughts. Later I started experiencing seeing people in spirit – that were passed to the other side. I figured everyone could see them and treated it like an everyday thing. It never frightened me. It was not until I got a little older that I realized that I might a little different and not to talk about it out side my close family & friends. I am also very empathetic, so I read people (the living) and the energy they give off. This was a real challenge in high school when everything is hormones and drama but I learned to roll with it.

I am expanding the locations and the size of the upcoming shows to help accommodate more people and provide different areas for viewing. I really love my fans and my premise is leave people better than I find them. When my fans come to the shows it really gives me an opportunity to do that.

I have had times where we out for lunch or dinner and people want to share their own personal experiences with me about psychic dreams or premonitions. I truly believe that everyone is psychic. I have never met anyone that has said to me that I listened to my gut and it was wrong – so many times we talk ourselves out of what we sense or feel and we get ourselves in hot water. Go with your gut…almost 90% of the time it is spot on!

  • Who would I like to read for?
    • DANG!! That is a great question, I have a varied list for different reasons. I would love to read for either Bobby or Robert Kennedy, George Washington, Grandma MacKenzie, Abraham Lincoln, Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Abigail Williams, Sir William Wallace, King Leonidas, Steven Jobs, Josh Gates, Kathy Griffin, John Edward…the list goes on and on!!
  • What are some of the most bizarre questions people have asked you?
    • Are spirits with us during intimate moments or when we are in the shower or naked? The answer is no! They don’t care about that stuff-not same as when we are here so please don’t worry that your Grandfather is present when your changing!! Or people will ask things “Am I going to lose weight?” or “Will meet someone?” I will answer sometimes, I don’t know, will you? Because you still have free will with your lives. What are you doing to make these things happen? Are dieting and workout? Are going to meet people? Change your life and your habits-then you get your outcome. Honestly-you don’t need a psychic for that!!
  • Do animals speak to you?
    • I do get messages from animals that have crossed over in the form of telepathy-not as much as people-but they will let the owners know about the time they had here with them and that they are ok or around them still.
  • On Collaborating with Police Cases…
    • I have worked with local law enforcement on cases. They have asked for my insight on missing person cases and some homicide cases, really additional tool for the investigations. So many of the times when I have consulted, they give me no prior information I come up with eh same or similar details which helps them validate specifics of the case. I have also had the opportunity to speak to the criminal justice students at SCCC on the use of Psychic Mediums as an additional on cases. Also, how they can access their own intuition or gut instinct on cases.

I would like to say that I feel very grateful and blessed to do what I do. I am very pleased that I get to meet and work with so many families.

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  1. Marcia McCoy on March 8, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Heaven must be a very awesome place cause so many are leaving here and going there and some just way too young ! I do believe in contact after death as they always give signs, a smell, things being moved or changed, but if you are tuned in enough, they are there. My saying and it really works, Find a penny, pick it up, someone from heaven, is sending their love ! When you go visit a grave, memorial, or lost loved one, put a penny down, when you find one on the ground, its them letting you know they got your message and are sending you love and thoughts back ! I just wish with all my heart i could know what happened to my brother ??? At 22, way, way too young, back in 1985, and to this day in unresolved death/murder… … Have idea’s, and thoughts, just no proof or concrete evidence ! Thank you so much for ALL you do for others and someday would love to be able to see you in person or even just speak to you ! God bless you always and forever …

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