Positive Energy Packs a Powerful Shield!

I am often asked, in my travels and work, if I ever get frightened by the things I see and feel? Do spirits or demons ever freak me out? Yes! Most of the time I am a pretty grounded psychic-medium and I don’t buy into the Hollywood hoogadee-boogadee, but every once in a while, an…

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Unwrapping a Gift…Is Your Child an Indigo Child?

“My Child is gifted!” “I think my child has ability.” “I think my child can sense or see spirits.” Well, you are probably right! Here is the deal, everyone is gifted and everyone has ability, we all just use it in different ways. Families for years have wanted to discuss with me in a hushed…

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Do you see ghosts?

It goes without saying that I definitely believe in Ghosts and the afterlife. I have always seen spirits, entities or ghosts my entire life. I just figured everyone could hear them and see them just like me. Interesting statistics say that 18% of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost. 45% of Americans either believe in…

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