It goes without saying that I definitely believe in Ghosts and the afterlife. I have always seen spirits, entities or ghosts my entire life. I just figured everyone could hear them and see them just like me. Interesting statistics say that 18% of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost. 45% of Americans either believe in ghosts or that spirits can return to the living or situations. Of course, I embrace a lot of different viewpoints and beliefs, I’m really open. Let’s face it guys, I kind of have to be, I see dead people. But I have always LOVED a good ghost story and a good haunting since I was a little girl! Therefore, I would like to share one of my own with you.

In my travels and with meeting clients and students, people will ask me if I ever get scared or frightened by what I see or encounter. I brush it off and tell them no – BUT, I did have one-time that I became quite unnerved. While working on a missing person case with the police, I kept getting a name over & over so I started asking each of them, “Is your name Green?” They all said no. Finally one officer said, “You keep asking us that same name, guess we should put it in the report.” I knew the name belonged to one of them, I just didn’t understand how it fit with the case. We wrapped up that days’ work with the information I was able to provide and I left to continue the rest of my day.

I went home and focused on the usual, the kids, life and the normal world. A few nights later I was awoken from a sound sleep to hear the TV on and it sounded like static blaring. I thought my husband had left it on, I rolled over to turn it off and could hear one of the dogs low growl towards the bedroom door. When I looked at the TV – it was off much to my surprise and no sound? The room was dark and quiet, I slowly started to adjust my eyes and realized that a small figure was standing at the foot of the bed. I thought it was our son, maybe sick, standing there. I said, “Sweetheart, are you ok? Are you sick?” – there was no reply just stillness and occasionally the growl of the dog. I suddenly realized it was NOT my son, but a small figure of a girl with long, wet hair standing at the foot of my bed. I couldn’t see her face, only the dark outline of her body. I asked who are you? What do you need? There was no response, no answer. Then she just popped out of sight. I sat there for a few more moments asking her more questions in my head but I received no feelings or images from the spirit that was just there. It was 3:00 am and I was a working Mom with two small children, I said to myself; screw it, I’m going back to sleep. As I started to lay down she appeared again right next to my face on the side of the bed. Her gown or shirt was wet in appearance, her face pale-white, her dark eyes looked sad and her dark hair was wet. She startled me so much I actually yelled out loud and then she disappeared. I woke my husband to turn on the light and look around. But there was nothing to be seen.

Ghostly Young Lady of Katie Manning Hilton's story.

Less than a week later I had an opportunity to ask another psychic-instructor about what I had seen. She said, “Oh honey, that is probably a newly crossed spirit and she doesn’t know how to communicate yet. If she shows up again, tell her she can talk to you but she is not allowed to scare you.” I hoped she wouldn’t return again, at least not like that. A few days later when I was home alone getting ready to shower, I had that intuitive feeling that I was not alone and boy was I right, boom, there she was – just like spook from a movie! I told her, “you can talk to me but not scare me”. She looked so sad, it actually broke my heart. Then, just like before, she vanished with no information.

A couple of days had passed and I was at a home having a private reading with a young woman who had come to speak to me about her sister. When she showed me her sister’s photo I almost passed out. The young woman in the photograph had gone missing and was later found in a shallow body of water. Her last name was Green! A few of the police officers that worked on the other missing persons case I had consulted on, had actually been assigned to this case as well. And, this is the reason the name Green kept showing up initially around all of the police officers that had been working on both cases. I was able to provide what information I could for both the family and the police departments on that case. I will say, it did seem to help and that the girl in spirit, I never saw her again.

I see your family normally clairvoyantly in my head, not next to my bed!! It scares the bejesus out of me like it would anyone else. So yes, I too love to hear a good ghost story but to get startled awake by an actual ghost-I will leave that to Hollywood.

Blessings Everyone — XO
Love & Light,

*The name of the case has been changed to protect the victim and the family.

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