I am often asked, in my travels and work, if I ever get frightened by the things I see and feel? Do spirits or demons ever freak me out? Yes! Most of the time I am a pretty grounded psychic-medium and I don’t buy into the Hollywood hoogadee-boogadee, but every once in a while, an incident happens that sends a tingle up my spine and has me catching my breath and stating, “Okay guys…you got me! Now knock it off!” Then I repeat my white light of protection, perform a smudging and say my prayers to send them on their way. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated than that but I clear the spirits and transmute the energy.


So what is the difference of me speaking to your family in spirit and the occasional demon or negative entity? Your family in spirit chooses their heaven whether it is 2016 or the 1940’s for their happy place. They will show up when we ask for support and guidance. They are not trapped on this plane of existence or they have not moved onto the other-side or ascended to heaven. They are at peace and can assist us with information, decisions & give their loved ones an overall sense of well-being. They will work with you so that you have peace. They are loving and compassionate, and your happiness and prosperity is most important to them. You will receive signs from them or dream of them and feel instantly calmer and at peace. They are never harmful or scary to you or your family.

A negative entity is a heavy, darker energy that can feed or prey on human energy. They are neither animal nor human, created more of nature and closer to the demonic force. They thrive and feed in locations with suffering, grief and sadness. They might find a location that is left unkempt or cluttered. Cleaning out your home or office of debris will assist in keeping a negative energy free environment. People have noticed the existence of entities because the energy around them drains, leaving feeling of sadness, hopelessness, anger or despair. This does not mean if you are suffering from a stage of depression or anxiety you can blame it on an entity. You need to work through a physician and your therapist. The use of drugs or alcohol can stimulate the connection to a negative entity or a negative energy attachment. Keep in mind; like energy attracts like energy, so if your vibration is low you are open to lower energy.

skull-657477_640Lastly, the demons! No joking around, they do exist but not often and PLEASE don’t ever conjure them. There is a theory they are Fallen-Angels or the Watchers on this plane. Others feel that many of the angel references and fallen angels are actually alien based sightings throughout history.

I am still on the fence of the origin, but I do know that I don’t want to mess with them either way or wherever they are from.

I have had two heavy encounters that have affected my life strongly. Some noted difference is that, angels can fly but demons must walk or roam the earth for eternity never having peace. Demons must possess a human form or animal form to do their work while here, but angels have their own physical light bodies. It is sometimes hard to discern the difference of mental health and demonic possession in people.

I feel that all bases should be covered and we should always seek the advice of a doctor for incidents that could be harmful. Then seek the help of clergy, healer or a shamanic practitioner to cleanse the demonic spirit from the home or person. They will make the person have unsettled or terrifying dreams, plague them with depressing thoughts or visions of death. I do feel that most people do know the feeling is different from a loved one in spirit to a demonic energy. You, yourself are the best barometer for all paranormal activity around you.

The best defense is stay emotionally grounded when making an assessment of what is happening. Don’t jump to conclusions that it is a negative or evil force. Once you have safely ascertained that your health and well-being are checked out, seek the help from professionals to clear them. Work at keeping your energy in a positive state on a daily basis, not perfect, just vibrating higher so as to not attract anything both in the living world, or in the other world that is a low level vibration. Most of us will never encounter a negative energy experience, but if you see type of energy in someone else, you will understand why. Work at always keeping your energy and life force higher in a positive nature.

Blessings Everyone

Psychic Medium Katie Manning Hilton 

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