Spirits, Nightshades, Shadows’, Wraiths, and other things that go bump in the night. Those things that will never see the light of day and stay just out of our sight. We call them and conjure them and when they come, we run and scream. But in the end, they see right through us, and then disappear back in a place, on the edge of a dream.

Have you ever wondered what a Spirit actually is? Or, where they may come from and why Spirits are able to influence our world so easily. What Orbs are, and how a spirit is able to chill a room as they enter our dimension? These questions and more will be addressed, and an attempt to answer these age-old controversies will be presented for your review in a series of presentations by the ScaryToga “Paranormal Proof Project” The other side of the Mirror. This series will be broadcast each with demonstrations, articles of proof and research conducted by the ScaryToga team of experts in conjunction with other scientists in the field of the Paranormal. There will be High-tech demonstrations of the principals behind the enigma and possible correlation to the Spirit energies we encounter. Please join us in an adventure into the known and unknown.

Today there are so many diverse and conflicting theories about what a Spirit Energy is and how these entities, or as we say, “The Living Impaired” are able to cool down a room. In the following segments, The ScaryToga Project will be presenting to its viewers a series of documented findings and definitions of what energies makeup a spirit entity. As well as why they are able to cause temperature changes as they move in and out of our dimension. We will show what Conventional Energies are and how they pertain to Spirit Energy. There will be lab presentations filmed live, which will show what conventional energies are, as well, how they pertain to Spirit Energies and how they react within our dimension.

The following are some of the principals we will be demonstrating.

Ionic Energy Absorption (What is the Chill Factor in spirit manifestations). What energies cause electrical cooling and why this conventional energy explains the cooling effect spirits have as they enter our dimension. There will be a lab presentation and a tutorial explaining how you may build an Ion generator to test these theories yourself.

Photonic Projection (Spirit manifestation). Moreover, why most people cannot visibly see spirit manifestations without the use of photography or film and video. And a new technological application that may be able to illuminate invisible spirit manifestations real time, as they pass in and out of our dimension. “Corner of the eye” sighting analogies and demonstrations that reveal the reason we see apparitions and shades at a side-glance.

Upcoming ScaryToga presentations:

  1. Sensing your own spirit energy frequency. Equipment required to sense energies emitting from your body. Also the signals transmitted by your brain.
  2. Sensing doorways and vortexes leading to the spirit realm. How to construct simple devices to pinpoint vortices and or doorways to the spirit world.
  3. What are shadow entities? Detection and capturing these sightings on film/video.
  4. How to increase your internal spirit sensing abilities. Local Psychics will instruct you in the disciplines and meditation practices to help you develop and maintain a strong psychic mind and body.
  5. How to become a channeler. What meditation and practice is required to start channeling spirit entities and the protection prayers necessary to protect you and your family from spirit infestation. (Smudging, Prayer incantations, Talismans, Spirit Guide intervention and guidance etc.)
  6. What are Orbs and how to capture them on film. Most people think that Orbs are dust or lens flare. Some think it is a fault in the film or digital rendering of the image. Those of us who have actually captured what would appear to be free-floating energy balls, know the truth.
  7. What are repeat spirit manifestations? The enigma that surrounds battlefields and the repeat apparitions. i.e. The Gettysburg Pennsylvania Battlefield ghost. There are “Filmstrip” type reenactments of soldiers moving through the woods. They repeat themselves periodically.

These “Filmstrip” apparitions are energies stuck in time.

These topics and many more will be brought to you for your increasing knowledge of the Paranormal Effect. The demonstrations will incorporate lasers, ion Generators, radio Frequency monitoring and transmission equipment and counters. We will also be utilizing high tech lab equipment that will sense and register actual spirit energy frequencies. All this and much more awaits you as you join our journey into the World on the Other Side of the Mirror.

Join us as we explore the Other Side of the Mirror…

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