There are many theories attempting to explain the phenomena surrounding the change in temperature when a spirit enters our world. Unfortunately, many of these theories are lacking in practical and technical fact. The truths behind the practical, and technical, lay in basic physics. Since we do not exactly know what makes up spirit energy, and only see and feel the effects that a spirit entering our dimension causes, we can only guess.

You need to realize the energies that make up a spirit and or entity, are non-conventional energies. They may or may not adhere to basic physics. Meaning levitation, blinking in and out of dimensions and the ability to change atmospheric conditions in our world.

Not to mention the whole touchy-feely issue.

Monitoring and detecting spirits with conventional devices is all well and good, but it does not directly apply to what you are actually seeing, hearing, and/or feeling. Electrostatic detectors may be sensing a spirit or it may be sensing only the effect on our dimension. The drop in temperature felt many times during investigations may not be the spirit or entity but a side effect of the invasion into our realm. In the following session, I will be attempting to show you the why and how of spirit energies and the physics that supports these theories.


The evidence collected by conventional devices may not be indicative of the paranormal phenomena itself, but rather might be detecting the effects on our dimension.


We have a simple explanation for the cooling effect that may just put all other thoughts to the wind. In trying to use conventional technologies to trap, monitor or explain spirit/entity energies, we lose track of the fact these spirit energies are non-conventional in nature. There is no way for anyone to definitely prove, one way or another, these energies are anything but otherworldly. In order to understand the cooling effect, we are going to demonstrate and explain how these energies are able to influence and change our environment.

I will be using a few conventional terms and analogies to help explain how the spirit dimension and the living world dimension interact with each other. We will explore the cause and effect of this phenomenon.

Using Electrical Polarity to Understand the Cooling Effect

Think of a simple battery. All batteries (9-volt, D, AA) have a plus and minus polarity. This Positive/Negative interaction gives you the basic principle of electron flow and cooling. The cooling effect using voltage has been around for 100 years.
The electric cooling effect or “ION Wind” is referred to as the Peltier Device Cooling Effect. The other name for this type cooling effect is Thermoelectric cooling.

Reference: (

Definition: Thermoelectric cooling operates by the “Peltier Effect” principle. (Which also goes by the more general name thermoelectric effect). Thermoelectric cooling happens when two dissimilar medias with a hot and cold or positive and negative charge interact. This collision of charges creates an exchange of electrons between the two points. During this exchange IONs are produced. Thus creating the ION wind.

I hope this hasn’t confused you, and if so here is the breakdown.

If you think of our world as being the “Hot” side and the Spirit world being the “Cold” side then the above definition should become much clearer. We all know, or have assumed, the spirit world is a cold realm with no warmth or light to speak of. If our assumptions are correct, and I believe they are, knowing our world is the “Hot” side and the spirit world is the “Cold” side makes sense. Simple physics dictates energy flows from warm to cold.


The Living World is hot (red) and the Spirit World is cold (blue).


Reference: (

Our World as We See It and the Affects Weather has on Our Environment

Let’s look at our world and the effects that weather and barometric pressure has on the environment. Think about how low-pressure (warm) and high-pressure (cool) areas interact to make weather. Low-pressure systems circulate counter-clockwise. High-pressure systems circulate clockwise.

These “motions” (caused by these circulations) are the building blocks in our atmosphere. They also create Tornadoes and Hurricanes. If you have read anything about the formation and effects of Hurricanes/Tornadoes, you will see that during the formation of these weather systems, the temperature will drop and in most cases hail will form and rain down on the area.


Vortex’s form when two dissimilar occurrences interact. We see this both in our weather (hurricanes & tornadoes) and spirit vortex phenomena.


The “Cooling Effect” is caused by the interaction of two dissimilar atmospheric occurrences. Cold (Negative) and Hot (Positive).

In addition, notice the vortex formed by this atmospheric effect. This is the same type of natural effect, which forms the spirit vortex phenomena. These analogies are here only to help you understand how the spirit world is able to affect the living world.

If you can understand the simple physics of matter, then you will be able to understand how to sense, monitor, and possibly affect their world.

Electric Charge and How It Pertains to Spirit Energy

Illustration 1.

Now let’s look at how electrical charge affects our world. DC or Direct Current flows from Positive to Negative and back again. (See illustration 1.) The Negatively charged pole of the battery, (spirit dimension) pulls the electrons from the positive pole (living dimension) through the battery and back again.

Again, the Positive being our world or dimension and Negative being the spirit world or dimension.  As a spirit opens the door or portal to our world to enter, for whatever reason, that dimension makes direct contact with our dimension. As a result, the exchange of hot to cold (Positive to Negative) energies begins. Because of the amount of energy each world produces, there is a significant effect on our dimension. This is the amount of cooling produced.

To get an idea of the magnitude of energy involved, consider a single bolt of lightning generates 1.21 gigawatts or 1,210,000,000 watts of power. That is equivalent to 22 million 60-watt light bulbs.


A single bolt of lightning generates 1.21 gigawatts or 1,210,000,000 watts of power. That is equivalent to 22 million 60-watt light bulbs.


The same goes for the spirit world. Since our world has that much Positive power or electrical charge, the spirit world has an equal Negative power or electrical charge.

Put those two worlds together and you have the transfer of energies. Think of the terms, “Veil of Darkness” and “Light of Day”. Two interesting descriptions of two different worlds. These terms are here to align your thinking to help explain the physics surrounding the “Chilling Effect” spirits have on our world.

Summary of Terms

Our world, or the world of the living, is the Positive energy pole. It is also the “Hot” realm or dimension. In addition, the Spirit world, or as I like to refer to it, “The Living Impaired” world is the Negative pole. It is also the “Cold” realm or dimension.

When the two dimensions collide through an opening of a door between them there is a reaction. This connection causes the exchange of hot to cold, which in turn draws the warmth out of our world and into the spirit world. The rapid exchange of hot to cold creates a vortex that drops the temperature in the living world. By the way, all energy tries to conserve itself by creating a spiral effect or vortex. This is another natural law of energy.

What causes batteries to go dead during a spirit appearance?”  

Remember the Spirit world is a huge Negative battery or Anti-Energy. As the spirit enters and interacts with our world, the same energies that created the cooling effect will also draw away any positive power it can. Again, remember, Positive to Negative flow.

It sounds contradictory but you need to realize, as a battery works to create energy to power an appliance (light bulb, motor etc.) it’s pulling electrons from the positive pole through the battery and back to the Negative pole. (Refer to Illustrations 1 & 2.)


Illustration 2. DC or Direct Current flows from Positive to Negative and back again.


Most often, when a person leaves the area of influence, the batteries recover and start to work again. The longer the person stays within the area of influence, the more energy or power is drawn away from the batteries and the less chance they will recover.

In addition, batteries can be drawn down in power so far that they may not recharge again and become unusable. There are ways to shield the batteries from this effect. For more information, you may contact me through this web article to discuss these safeguards.


Physics can help us better understand how spirits and other paranormal phenomena have so much influence on our dimension.


Final Thoughts

The simple principles of physics outlined in the above statement, coupled with what we already know from personal and professional experience and observations, sets the stage for a fresh approach at what spirit energies are, and how they manifest themselves in our dimension. It may also explain why a spirit or entity has so much influence in our dimension, and we, as living beings, have so little influence in theirs. It would appear that negative energies are more powerful than positive energies, however, that may be a discussion for another time.

For those people who have passed on into eternity and left us here to ponder their existence, we will be taking another approach to investigate and prove the existence of our fellow spirits. There is more to paranormal investigation than what we have already done. We do not HUNT ghosts, but try to understand how to see through their eyes. How to help them move on to a better place…and maybe, find peace. Remember, Spirits were people once. Treat them as you would want to be treated if the tables were turned, and not as entertainment.

Until the next session of the Paranormal Proof Project, be well and keep your spirits high.

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