I do not believe that anything happens by accident or just by chance. I do believe that the Universe, God, our Spirit Guides, Angels, Destiny, Karma, or fate lead to the right people and are leading and pushing our lives.


We are guided in the right location, the right space, when we need to be there at that time in our life. Even if we do not want to admit it to ourselves when we find ourselves somewhere for some unknown reason. Is this meant to be, or is it just a lucky coincidence? I don’t think so.

Have you ever just missed being in an accident because your were late for work? Inexplicably unable to get out the door on time only to realize that if you had been on time you would have been part of that bad accident, or maybe not, perhaps you would have been the missing element to stop the accident.

How about the feeling to go to a certain location, or drawn to a gathering or an event that you have never attended? Only to meet the love of your life or to witness something that is life altering for you. I have not only experienced these things myself but have heard of these occurrences countless times in my readings with others. I am unable to dismiss the validity that greater forces are at work.

After the tragedy of 9-11, I was having so many families and people tell me amazing stories that either put individuals in a safe place on that day. When the United States was under attack, rather than being at the locations that were attacked, they were somewhere else. Or, people and loved ones had missed their flight that morning, only to later learn the fate of the flights that were hijacked.


9-11 Memorial in New York City.


These individuals somehow decided on the spur of moment to take the day off from work or they over slept that morning and missed their flight — crazy but true facts. Other family’s have relayed tales that told of how a family member felt an urge to be at work that day or at the Firehouse to volunteer, these people needed to work even if it was a scheduled day off for them. Seems strange, but then they became some the fallen heroes saving others in the selfless sacrifice of their lives.

I once did a reading for a lovely woman who was sad that she had not met the love of her life yet, or as she called it, her “soul mate.” I could see she was doing a lot of on-line dating and would go to a wedding or social affair with a man in uniform, perhaps police officer or former military, I was not sure. I felt it was her sitting at the table at the reception laughing and turning to my right and looking at the man she would fall in love with soon. There was also a man in spirit that kept talking to me about certain occurrences in my vision. He died in the early 80’s. He was showing me a lake or quarry where he had drowned. I receiving the letter “M” Mike perhaps…with cut off shorts, lots of music, good times, he was bringing the love connection to her. Well, she did not know who this was.

Months later I received a call from her, she was very happy. She had been dating on-line and met a nice man that was a police officer, retired and he invited her to a wedding. She happily accepted but still was unsure where the relationship was going. When they got to the reception, he sat to her left and when she turned to her right, yes, she met the love of her life! Interestingly, he shared a story with her of a friend that had passed away tragically when they were younger when he dove into a quarry. His name was Mike. They did get married and I hope they are still together living in bliss. So was it coincidence, my influence, or the push of a friend in spirit bringing them together. You decide.


Psychiatrist Carl Jung.

*Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It means the connection which bond that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related. Therefore, if we believe in Synchronicity, then all vibrations or energy will work together in some pattern and converge to a purpose or a destiny. Do we just take random events and say, yes, its synchronicity! Depends on what side of the coin you fall.

So what does it all mean to the average person? I always say live with no regrets, so if you feel the tug or push from the Universe, follow that internal gut feeling, rely on your intuition to go somewhere or to speak with someone new. Chances are there is a good reason why you needed to be in specific place or meet a new person.

Are you open enough to see that this is a gift? Or brave enough to take the chance?

Don’t wait for the second chance, it might not happen.

Blessings Everyone XO

Katie – The Inappropriate Psychic Medium



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